Nutrition tips for kids

Nutrition tips for kids

Healthy food is important for children because they are in growing age and their body needs energy to grow in proper way. Their bones are growing and their height is also increasing so they need energy and they get this energy from healthy food. But now a days, children and families are so busy that they forget healthy eating and it badly affects their health. Healthy eating stabilizes the energy of children, improves their minds, helps them to maintain healthy weight and helps to prevent mental health problems. Here we have added few nutrition tips for children which will help them to improve their body condition.

Start with breakfast:

The children should always start their day with breakfast as it is a great way to start day. Skipping breakfast can lead to brain damage and at young age the children’s mind is at development so skipping breakfast for children is extremely dangerous. But the breakfast of children must include protein, carbohydrate and fruits portion.

Make mealtimes a priority:

Children need more energy as they play, they remain active for whole time and they also study. In short, they are involved in multiple activities and if they will not take care about their diet then their health will be badly affected. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make meals priority. You should also monitor their eating habits.

Make small shifts to healthier food:

If they ca not eat at one time then you can make small shifts of meal for your children and you can give them from time to time.

Limit sugar:

You should always prefer natural sugar for your child instead of artificial sugar. Natural sugar can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products and it completes the requirement of sugar in human body. You should limit carbonated drinks for your child as it will also affect their internal organs.

Give them healthy fats:

Healthy fats are important part of diet and these should not be skipped at any cost. healthy fats give benefit to brain, improve memory and elevates mood. You can give them healthy fats in the forms of vegetable oil, nuts, seeds and fish.

Give them milk to drink daily:

Milk is necessary for teeth and bone health so you must give your children milk. It contains calcium and other minerals which gives strength to bones and it also increases the growth of children. The best time to drink milk is at night.

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