The weather in Seattle is starting to heat up. If you’re hoping to enjoy the sun with a cold beer in your hand, come down to Attic Alehouse!



In fact, we were the first Seattle tavern to offer front patio seating, and we made it look so good plenty of other bars have followed suit. We can offer you a beautiful view of Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood, and we’re blocks from the beach if you feel like taking a stroll along the water before dropping in.

Of course, to an extent, a patio is a patio is a patio--what really makes Attic Alehouse different is our beer. We have 20 rotating taps with an unbeatable selection of local and international craft microbrews, and we’d love nothing more than to recommend you a pint of something perfect for a sunny day. You can never go wrong with a Manny’s Pale Ale, which we always have on tap. Manny’s has been a point of local pride for many years when it started as Georgetown Brewing Company’s flagship ale, and it always tastes great on a patio!

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