Are you wondering what you’re going to do to ring in 2016? Come hang out at the Attic Alehouse, your favorite neighborhood bar!

The Attic Alehouse is the perfect destination for anyone living in Madison Valley or Capitol Hill who wants to avoid the craziness of those bars on Pike and Pine but still wants to be part of a full house with plenty of fun. 

The Attic Alehouse will be turning its many TVs over to watching the ball drop this New Year’s Eve. Come raise a glass a with us! And because December 31st will be falling on a Thursday, you can take advantage of our Throwback Thirsty Thursday deal—$1 pints after 8pm! 

Here are a few of our favorite bar games to keep you having fun all night long:


Everyone sits around a table or stands in a circle. Moving clockwise, someone whispers a question that starts with the word “who” into the ear of the person to their right. Examples of “who” questions include, “Who do you think has had sex with the most people?” or, “Who do do you think is the least funny?” The person who is asked the question will say the name of the person (from the group) that they think is the best answer. If the person whose name was said wants to know what question was asked, they have to take a drink (or a shot!) to find out.

Tiger’s Coming

For this game you’ll need to be sitting at a table. Appoint someone to “take the first watch”. At some point during seated conversation, the person with a shot will yell, “Tiger’s coming!” and everyone must duck underneath the table. The last person to duck under the table has to take the shot that the first watchman bought which is waiting for them down there. That person then has to go to the bar, buy the next shot, and take the next watch for the tiger.


This is a great ongoing game to play throughout the night. At any point, anyone can go up to anyone else and say, “Buffalo,” and if the person is not holding their drink in their non-dominant hand they have to finish the whole thing right then and there. If someone misjudged, however, and yells “Buffalo!” to someone who is holding their drink in theirnon-dominant hand, the person who called it out has to finish their drink all at once.

Come play at the Attic this New Year’s Eve!