Brrr… it’s certainly getting chilly out there! But you know what’ll warm you right up? A quick trip to the Attic Alehouse!

Everybody knows that nothing will put fire in your belly quite like a drink, and we certainly have plenty to drink! If you’re a beer person, you’ll be over the moon with our selection of over 20 taps that rotate constantly. We choose our beers carefully and include local favorites from independent breweries, American classics, and some choice imports. One of the best things about the weather getting colder means that generally beer is getting darker—no one wants a stout or a porter during the hot days of summer, but when the weather turns everyone is looking for rich, earthy flavors like chocolate, coffee, and heavy malt. We also have seasonal ales and something, for something a little sweeter, try a Two Town Flagship Cider!

Not into beer? When it comes to getting warm, as in everything else, “liquor is quicker.” At the Attic Alehouse, our “wells” are Absolut, Tanqueray, Hornitos, Jack Daniels, and Captain Morgan—not those cheap plastic handles of rubbing alcohol you’ll get somewhere else. Our “bottom shelf” starts higher than everyone else, and our top shelf also goes higher than their top shelves—and most importantly, our bartenders have the know-how to make the most of these premium spirits!

Still feeling cold? Maybe you should try something hot! We can make you warm drink, but we also have a full food menu! We serve lunch and dinner, sides and appetizers, a full brunch menu and some of the best Happy Hour food deals around! We have fifteen different sandwiches, 13 different burgers, eight different deluxe salads, and we’re happy to customize anything if you want to mix and match.

Come into the Attic for a bite, a beer, a friendly conversation or the big game. We keep it cozy!